Our Community

We understand that work, especially for start-ups and young companies, can be all-consuming.  We also know that a big part of the draw of entrepreneurialism is the opportunity to innovate and collaborate, both with colleagues and other entrepreneurs.  "Community" and "the experience" are not just buzz words at Mansfield Bio-Incubator.  Our facility, amenities, services and planned programming aim to create a nurturing, enjoyable business environment and a strong sense of community.


Collaborative Environment

From casual conversations over coffee to full-blown brainstorming sessions - we've created spaces designed to support flexible working both inside and outside of the lab.  Whiteboards, flat panels, conference phones and office supplies make it easy to collaborate on-site and with colleagues remotely. And we offer a range of options for private conversations as well, from dedicated offices to conference rooms.


Co-learning & educational Opportunities

Working with our Sponsors, Partners and Advisory Board members, we are planning a robust calendar of co-learning and educational opportunities across a diverse range of topics from investor relations to grant applications to legal issues and marketing.  All of which will be offered on-site at no cost to Incubator companies and employees.



You can't work 24/7.  Sometimes you need to take a break.  Our flexible space supports a full range of social and networking events, many of which will be coordinated by Mansfield Bio-Incubator.  Relax in the lounge.  Eat lunch outside on the patio (coming Spring 2017).  Squeeze in a quick game of darts. Wrap up the week with happy hour.  Mansfield Bio-Incubator knows that community is created through socializing as much as it is by shared goals.