The mentor program will match a team of 2-3 mentors to the entrepreneurs (mentees) for the time period of  3-6 months or by mutual agreement.  The teams will be formed based on the entrepreneurs' needs identified through the basic gap analysis. Mentor teams and entrepreneurs will agree to meet in person or connect by Skype or teleconference for a minimum of 2 hours over the mentoring period. The relationship can be extended or terminated upon the mutual agreement.

The goal of the mentorship is to provide training and support to the entrepreneurs in a variety of areas.   

Our mentors represent Advisory Board members, supporters of the incubator, the local scientific, business and technical community or networking contacts of incubator personnel. They are highly-accomplished individuals with many years of experience, with the expertise including but not limited to:

  • Finance and Fundraising issues

  • Business Development

  • Project Management

  • Product Development

  • Manufacturing and Technical assistance

  • Scientific and Technology expertise

  • Regulatory and Quality support

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Clinical Evaluation, Usability and Product Safety

  • Facilities Design and Development

  • International Business, Import and Export

  • Human Resources Support and Personnel Development


goals of the program arE TO:

  • Foster independent skill development in the program participants

  • Develop short term professional relationships and communication skills for entrepreneurs

  • Provide public relations and networking benefits for mentors and program supporters

  • Close skill gaps in entrepreneurs that can negatively impact their businesses

  • Provide a sense of community building within the Mansfield Bio-Incubator



Program participants may be members of the incubator community or existing resident startups.  A special membership category of the incubator can be created for members of the public wishing to support the incubator.  This may be a fee of $50.00 per quarter which would give member access to all educational programming for the incubator and access to the mentor program. 

To enroll, program participants would need to complete a profile describing:

  • Their business interests

  • Business stage of development

  • Needs for a mentor by subject area

  • Availability for meetings with a mentor

  • Participants' educational background and experience

  • Desired instruction provided by a mentor

For more information or to become a mentor or a mentee, please contact Alexander Margulis (781) 801-4008 or alex.margulis@bioinc.org

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