Portfolio Companies

Precision Biosystems, LLC

Precision Biosystems is a Massachusetts-based company that develops and manufactures BlotCycler, an automated western blot processing system. The system is based on patented fluid distribution technology. The overarching goal of BlotCycler is help you automate the traditional manual western blot processing during the immunodetection step.

LX Medical Corporation

LX Medical Corporation is an early stage Massachusetts Corporation commercializing a suite of endobronchial imaging probes and image-guided bronchoscopic tools that will be used by interventional pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons to improve outcomes in diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures for several lung diseases. A primary focus for the company is addressing unmet needs in lung cancer diagnosis and treatment.



Innovo Bioanalysis

Innovo Bioanalysis develop innovative bioanalytical methodology and technology using advanced mass spectrometry to identify biomarkers in diseases with unknown mechanism in unmet medical needs. The company also offers contract bioanalytical research service for bioanalysis of biomarkers, drug and metabolites in biological samples to address pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD), drug metabolism (DM), and toxicokinetics (TK) in drug discovery and development.


Manna Molecular Science

Manna Molecular Science has identified a medically sound, lab-tested system delivering whole-plant cannabinoids directly to those who need them most.  Massachusetts-based team of developers are revolutionizing the cannabis industry, designing scalable product production using new age robotic equipment.  Manna Molecular Science's flagship cannabis transdermal patch is the first cannabis optimized patch that has been developed by real pharmaceutical scientists from MIT and Genzyme using state-of-the-art product design and research methods. It works for all cannabinoids, and is meant to work with high quality whole-plant cannabis extracts that are then printed on each patch with pharmaceutical quality. MannaBot One is a custom-engineered 3D printer for the manufacturing of transdermal patches, giving us both precision control and scale volume fabrication.


X2C Biosciences

X2C BioSciences is an early stage life sciences and biopharmaceutical company committed to addressing the incessantly evolving unmet needs in oncology, arising from the remarkable progress being made in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying cancer in recent years. The current mission of the company is focused on developing and commercializing dependable, next-generation, minimally invasive diagnostic & prognostic approaches and more effective & comprehensive therapeutic strategies, for various solid tumors.

TBREXA BIOsciences

tBrexa BioSciences Inc.(tBrexa), is a privately held early stage, preclinical biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of therapies that will transform the treatment of cancer. The current treatments such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy have limited therapeutic effects and significant undesirable side effects. tBrexa is developing a novel product that will result in fewer non-specific side-effects and a healthier treatment. tBrexa is working on changing the way we approach cancer, one patient at a time.

Hilltop Biosciences

Hilltop Biosciences is helping animals heal faster, stronger. Using next generation allogeneic tissue, we make it easier to treat soft tissue injuries.  Our pharma-free products up-regulate the bodies own immune response to regenerate tissue quickly.


gRadiant Research

gRadiant Research, LLC, is developing thermal therapy as a replacement for traditional excisional surgery for the over 5 million basal cell carcinoma and other non-melanoma skin cancers diagnosed in the US each year.  The patented gRadiant device is a precisely controlled laser system designed to target cancer cells while sparing the surrounding normal skin tissue. Our objective is to provide a rapid office-based single-treatment procedure that eradicates the skin tumor without scarring for optimal efficacy and aesthetic outcomes.


Gama Therapeutics develops syngetistic and multimodal photodisinfection therapies and devices in combination with antimicrobial photosensitizers and drug efflux pump inhibitors. The novel approach to prevention of infectious disease supplies an urgent and unmet need, with deaths due to infections in the US alone being nearly 100,000 and over 3 billion USD in costs yearly. GAMA Therapeutics is a team comprised of experts in the fields of photobiology, small-molecular discovery, and medical devices, and LED innovation. Our vision is promotion of these technologies; through active engagement, with the clinical and care-providing communities. 

Eighty Eight Pharma

Eighty Eight is a pharmaceutical company that offers superior positioning of products from conception through post-approval to minimize time to market and maximize market access. We provide business development opportunities for pharmaceuticals and medical products.