Portfolio Companies

Precision Biosystems, LLC

Precision Biosystems is a Massachusetts-based company that develops and manufactures BlotCycler, an automated western blot processing system. The system is based on patented fluid distribution technology. The overarching goal of BlotCycler is help you automate the traditional manual western blot processing during the immunodetection step.

LX Medical Corporation

LX Medical Corporation is an early stage Massachusetts-based company commercializing a suite of endobronchial imaging probes and image-guided transbronchial tools for interventional pulmonologists. A primary focus for the company is addressing unmet needs in lung cancer screening.


Innovo Bioanalysis

Innovo Bioanalysis develop innovative bioanalytical methodology and technology using advanced mass spectrometry to identify biomarkers in diseases with unknown mechanism in unmet medical needs. The company also offers contract bioanalytical research service for bioanalysis of biomarkers, drug and metabolites in biological samples to address pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD), drug metabolism (DM), and toxicokinetics (TK) in drug discovery and development.