Advisory Board

Mansfield Bio-Incubator's Advisory Board members represent a group of healthcare and life-sciences professionals from diverse specialties who both advise the Leadership Team and are available as resources to Incubator companies.

Eugene Buff, MD, PHD

Dr. Buff is a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) and Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) with over 20 years of combined scientific, consulting and management experience in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, biotechnology and medical devices.  He is a founder and President of Primary Care Innovation Consulting (PCIC), a new type of innovation management and business development firm directed towards companies' growth by open innovation.  Dr. Buff is also a co-founder and one of the principals of UsTech Discovery LLC, a technology discovery and compartmentalization assistance company focused on technologies and commercialization assistance focused on developing economies.  For over eight years, he as served as Vice President at, Inc. and led consulting projects for clients for both technology licensing and technology acquisitions.  He is a co-author of 14 papers n peer reviewed international journals and servers on several committees and task forces at AUTM and LES .


Shelley is a Founder and Principal of ShelleyCO, LLC.  Her primary mission is to help busy entrepreneurs meet the right people for valuable business development alliances. Over the last 20 years, she developed a broad and deep network comprising virtual and early stage life science and healthcare companies, women’s health organizations, angel and venture capital investors, contract research organizations, non-profits, and government. She is the co-founder of CreaGen Chemistry Incubator C2I and was instrumental in helping the NSIV Incubator launch.  She is currently a consultant and board advisor for another regional incubator, SKY-VENTURES (Natick).  Shelley's network, know-how about industry trends and needs, and leadership skills have been an asset to the growth of these incubators and to bringing greater and more positive attention to the growth of this sector.

Michael Sherman, PHD

Dr. Sherman is a professor and Program Leader of the Hormone Responsive Cancer Project at Boston University Cancer Center.  Prior to that, he held various positions at Boston Biomedical Research Institute and Harvard University.  He also serves as a Scientific Advisor to CureLab, Inc., a biotechnology company committed to the development of effective vaccines against infectious disease and cancer, and is a co-founder at Quateris Inc., a startup company that is developing a tool for multiplex nucleic acid-protein interactions.  Dr. Sherman is a member of numerous study sections for the grant review and the editorial board of multiple scientific journals.  He is a well-recognized leader in the field of heat-shock proteins' role in cancer and co-author of over 90 peer-reviewed publications, 5 patents and 6 book chapters.


Dr. Bolduc is Director of Massasioit Community College's Biotechnology Certificate Program and Associate Professor in Biology at Massasoit.  As Director, he designed the program and a new state-of-the-art biotechnology laboratory space.  He was awarded grants that supplied the lab with the latest equipment and which support an undergraduate research program.  Prior to coming to Massasoit, Dr. Bolduc was CMC Team Leader at Cequent Pharmaceuticals, Inc and is co-inventor of a U.S. and international patent based on Cequent's lead biologic.



Seth is the founder and Principal of Rx for Digital, a specialty healthcare marketing and communications consultancy with extensive experience working with healthcare companies across verticals and disease categories. For over 19 years, Seth has worked with innovative and aspiring companies in life-sciences, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare delivery, HIT and technology.  Rx for Digital helps companies develop resonant branding, craft messaging and devise strategies that provide them needed visibility among, and engagement with, prospective customers.  Seth and Rx for Digital are especially adept at working with early-stage companies and advising them on how to articulate their breakthrough product/service/offering for potential investors and partners. Prior to founding Rx for Digital, Seth worked at leading global and Boston-based advertising, marketing and public relations agencies where he held a variety of senior-level positions.  He and Rx for Digital oversee marketing for Mansfield Bio-Incubator and both are a resource available to incubator companies.