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Startup Essentials: Reimbursement Analysis and Planning

The Mansfield Bio-Incubator invites you to a seminar and a networking event

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Startup Essentials: Reimbursement Analysis and Planning

11:45 am- 1:15 pm

at the Mansfield Bio-Incubator
241 Francis Avenue
Mansfield, MA 02048




A clear-eyed understanding of the reimbursement landscape is essential to any life science startup’s ability to effectively pursue financing, product development and commercialization. A fully integrated clinical, regulatory and reimbursement plan, responsive to the obstacles and opportunities presented by a rapidly evolving healthcare reimbursement system, can optimize resource utilization and time to revenue and can dramatically change the odds of success.

Join Ed Berger, Principal and Founder of reimbursement consultancy Larchmont Strategic Advisors, for an exploration of the fundamental elements of the reimbursement landscape and practical guidance on how and when to address reimbursement strategy issues for your diagnostic, therapeutic or medtech innovation.

If you want to become a successful life science entrepreneur, it is essential to learn early on how the key stakeholders are going to pay for your product, no matter how great it is.

Who should attend: Early-stage entrepreneurs in life sciences.

Speaker Biography:

Edward E. Berger, Ph.D.
Policy, Reimbursement and Strategy Counsel for the Life Sciences


A senior healthcare executive with more than 30 years of experience in life science and medical technology reimbursement analysis, planning and advocacy, Ed Berger founded Larchmont Strategic Advisors in 2005 to help early stage companies deal effectively with the strategic challenges and opportunities posed by the rapidly evolving healthcare regulatory and policy environment. Building upon the knowledge and experience gained as a member of the management teams of such companies as Fresenius Medical Care, Thermo Cardiosystems, and ABIOMED, Dr. Berger has provided reimbursement analysis and strategy development consultation to a variety of clients developing new technologies in fields including mechanical circulatory support, orthopedics, neural monitoring and neuromodulation, gastrointestinal surgery, severe pulmonary dysfunction, nuclear medicine, diagnostic imaging, clinical laboratory testing, and personalized medicine. In addition to reimbursement-related services and public policy analysis and advocacy, his areas of expertise include media relations, investor relations, research ethics and patient protection, and corporate compliance programs.