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3D Bioprinting – a Powerful Emerging Technology for Research and Clinic

  • Mansfield Bio-Incubator (map)


As of July 2019, the US has approved reimbursement codes for point-of-care 3D printing devices. The hospital of the future will incorporate 3D printing to reduce costs and boost healthcare quality with personalized treatments.

This seminar presents the unique benefits of 3D bioprinting as a powerful tool for biomedical research as well as a translatable technology into the clinic. By combining automation and computer-aided design with the knowledge of structural organization and material composition of native tissues, bioprinting offers added values of precision, experimental repeatability, and architectural complexity to traditional tissue engineering that helps to create tissues with higher cell viability and functionality.

This seminar also introduces ROKIT’s work in the development of medical 3D bioprinting kits that combine the hardware, software, biomaterials, and protocols, which can be readily adopted by hospitals to treat patients and directly translate 3D printing combined with stem cell therapy into improved clinical outcomes.

Finally, the seminar reinforces the field of 3D bioprinting in the 4th industrial revolution as a movement aligned with global megatrends in healthcare toward personalized medicine, computer-aided production of biological processes, and autologous cell therapy.


Following the discussion, watch the 3D printer in action!


Who should attend: Life science entrepreneurs, health care providers and anyone else interested in learning more about 3D printing, specifically for biomedical applications